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Update Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) to Ubuntu Focal (20.04)


Before you start, make sure you have a working backup of your system!

Please make sure to run all commands as root user.

In order to always be able to use the latest version of openITCOCKPIT, it is important to keep the underlying operating system up to date. You can use this guide to upgrade your Ubuntu Bionic System to Ubuntu Focal.


  • openITCOCKPIT in version 4.x
  • No packages containing lxd

Removal of all lxd packages

If you have lxd packages installed on your system, they must be removed first. You can check this with the command

apt list --installed | grep lxd

If any lxd packages where found, remove tham like so

apt -y remove lxd*

Installation of all updates

Before you start updating Ubuntu, please make sure that all available updates have been installed.

apt update && apt -y full-upgrade

Disable MySQL Query Cache

The MySQL Query Cache got removed with MySQL 8.0. Therefore it is important to make sure that the Query Cache feature is disabled in your MySQL configuration.

sed -i 's/^[ ]*query_cache/#query_cache/g' /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/*.cnf

Stop PHP-FPM service

systemctl stop php7.2-fpm.service

Change package sources

Now the package sources can be changed to the next Ubuntu release

sed -i 's/bionic/focal/g' /etc/apt/*.list
sed -i 's/bionic/focal/g' /etc/apt/*/*.list


Now the actual upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 starts.

apt update && apt -y full-upgrade

During the upgrade, the system may ask you various questions. You should answer them as follows.


Any queries regarding libc6 must be answered with Yes. libc6 configure


Most likely, restarting the MySQL server will fail. This can be ignored.

mysql restart will fail


Keep the current configuration of your OpenSSH server


If you have phpMyAdmin installed on your system, answer this question with Yes

configure phpMyAdmin

Sub-process error

It can happen that the installation aborts with error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an exit code (1). This can be ignored.

E: Sub-process error

Update PHP

Now all PHP packages will be updated.

systemctl stop php7.2-fpm.service

dpkg -l | awk '/php7.2/ { print $2}' | sed 's/php7.2/php7.4/' | xargs apt-get install -y
dpkg -l | awk '/php7.2/ { print $2}' | xargs apt-get purge -y

Update configuration

In the last step, all configuration files are updated and regenerated if necessary.

openITCOCKPIT Master

If you are running the update on an openITCOCKPIT master system, use the following command

openitcockpit-update --cc

openITCOCKPIT Satellite

For openITCOCKPIT Satellite execute


A restart of the system is recommended to complete the update