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"Baking" the module

Before you start, make sure you are in the /opt/openitc/frontend folder and have created a new git branch for your development work.

new git branch

openITCOCKPIT has its own CLI tool "oitc", which can, among other things, create a "skeleton" for a new module. This is referred to as the bake command, which is based on the CakePHP "bake" command.

To create a new module, you must execute the following command:

oitc bake plugin ExampleModule


It is important that your module name ends in "Module". Examples: ExampleModule, AutoreportsModule, MkModule etc.

The system will ask you for the module path (plugin).

Plugin Directory: /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule
Please confirm this with y.

You will also be asked if you want to overwrite the composer.json

Do not overwrite this file! Skip over this by typing n.

An example of creating a module with the bake command:

root @ /opt/openitc/frontend - [ExampleModule] # oitc bake plugin ExampleModule
Plugin Name: ExampleModule
Plugin Directory: /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule
Look okay? (y/n/q)
[y] > y
Generating .gitignore file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/.gitignore
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/.gitignore`
Generating file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/`
Generating composer.json file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/composer.json
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/composer.json`
Generating phpunit.xml.dist file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/phpunit.xml.dist
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/phpunit.xml.dist`
Generating src/Controller/AppController.php file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/src/Controller/AppController.php
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/src/Controller/AppController.php`
Generating src/Plugin.php file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/src/Plugin.php
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/src/Plugin.php`
Generating tests/bootstrap.php file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/tests/bootstrap.php
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/tests/bootstrap.php`
Generating webroot/.gitkeep file...

Creating file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/webroot/.gitkeep
Wrote `/opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/webroot/.gitkeep`
Modifying composer autoloader

File `/opt/openitc/frontend/composer.json` exists
Do you want to overwrite? (y/n/a/q)
[n] > n
Skip `/opt/openitc/frontend/composer.json`

Generating autoload files
Generated autoload files

/opt/openitc/frontend/src/Application.php modified
Created: ExampleModule in /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule

root @ /opt/openitc/frontend - [ExampleModule] #

Repairing file permissions

Whenever you use the oitc command to generate files, it is recommended you assign the file permissions to the web server user www-data.

openITCOCKPIT offers its own tool for setting these permissions.

oitc rights

oitc rights

Cleaning up the src/Application.php file

Open the file /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Application.php und löschen Sie folgende Zeile:


openITCOCKPIT loads its modules automatically. No manual action or additional code is required.

Changing routing

By default, CakePHP uses a hyphen (-) as the CamelCase separator in the URL. However, due to historical reasons, it is necessary to replace this separator with an underscore (_).

To do this, open the file /opt/openitc/frontend/plugins/ExampleModule/src/Plugin.php and search for the following code.

public function routes(RouteBuilder $routes): void
        ['path' => '/example-module'],
        function (RouteBuilder $builder) {
            // Add custom routes here


Now change the value of the path from example-module to example_module.

['path' => '/example_module'],

Create and run migration

Migrations are those files which creates table schema for application.

Create folders for migrations

mkdir -p plugins/ExampleModule/config/Migrations
mkdir -p plugins/ExampleModule/config/Seeds

oitc rights

Create 'Initial' migration file

OITC_DEBUG=1 oitc migrations create -p ExampleModule Initial

This command will create a migration file inside /config/Migrations folder. File name will be prefixed with the timestamp value and look like 20220928065505_Initial.php.



use Migrations\AbstractMigration;

class Initial extends AbstractMigration
     * Change Method.
     * More information on this method is available here:
     * @return void
    public function change(): void
        $table = $this->table('examples', ['id' => false, 'primary_key' => ['id']]);
        $table->addColumn('id', 'integer', [
            'autoIncrement' => true,
            'limit' => 11
        $table->addColumn('name', 'string', [
            'limit' => 250,
            'null' => false,

        $table->addColumn('created', 'timestamp', [
            'default' => 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP',
            'null' => false,


Run migration

oitc migrations migrate -p ExampleModule
When it executes we should see “examples” table in database.