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Email layouts

Sending notifications via email is a function employed by almost all users. Email notifications are sent in HTML and plain text format. In order to better adapt notifications to the user's respective needs, the user can store their own individual email layouts allowing them to customise the appearance and content of their notifications.

email layout option

Creating a layout

Different layouts are used for notifications depending on whether they are being sent from hosts or services. A total of four files should be created.


# For HTML emails
cp /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/HTML/notification_host.php /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/HTML/custom_layout_notification_host.php

# For plain text emails
cp /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/text/notification_host.php /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/text/custom_layout_notification_host.php


# For HTML emails
cp /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/HTML/notification_service.php /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/HTML/custom_layout_notification_service.php

# For plain text emails
cp /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/text/notification_service.php /opt/openitc/frontend/src/Template/email/text/custom_layout_notification_service.php


It is important that the file ends with _host.php or _service.php. The file name can only consist of letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.

To send a test email, the oitc command can be used.

oitc nagios_notification -v --type Host --notificationtype PROBLEM --hostname c36b8048-93ce-4385-ac19-ab5c90574b77 --hoststate down --hostaddress --hostoutput "Test E-Mail" --contactmail <email address> --layout custom_layout_notification

It is important, however, that the parameters --hostname, --contactmail and --layout are configured accordingly.

If the system cannot find the specified layout, an error message will be displayed

2021-09-10 08:58:59 Error: Notification: HTML or plain text layout "foobar_layout_notification" not found. Using default.
In addition, the error will be logged in the file /opt/openitc/frontend/logs/cli-error.log.

Using layouts

After a custom layout has been created, the two commands host-notify-by-email and service-notify-by-email must also include the parameter --layout custom_layout_notification to function correctly.

openITCOCKPIT then uses your layout as a template for emails.

custom email layout

HTML and text emails

The --format parameter can be used to specify the type of email to be sent.

Format Description
both Sends an HTML + text email. The client can decide which format is displayed.
html Only sends an HTML email
text Only sends a text email

All email attachments such as logos and graphs can be excluded via the --no-attachments parameter in order to save storage space.

Changing email logos

The logo used for your emails can be changed using the Design Module.