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System health user notification

Users can be notified by openITCOCKPIT by e-mail as soon as the system health of openITCOCKPIT changes. To do this, open the system health menu, which is hidden in the header behind the heart symbol, and press the blue button with the user symbol.

system health menu

The overview will then appear. All users who receive an e-mail notification when their status changes can be viewed there. This item can also be accessed via the side menu under "System tools" -> "System health notification list".

system health users overview

Additional users can be added to the list using the "New user" button. Several can be created at the same time. The users are notified when the checked status is changed. If no status is checked, the specified users will not be notified.

system health users overview new user

Page for creating a new user:

new system health user

Users can also be edited and removed. Both items can be accessed via the drop-down menu in the overview.

system health users edit user

Page for editing:

edit system health user